March Bracket Madness

It’s that time of year again. The virus that is March Madness has infected millions and spread across Bracketthe nation. Last year at this time, over 70 MILLION brackets were filled out by basketball fans. That number exceeds the number of people who voted for either candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Warren Buffett offered $1 Billion (that’s right, Billion with a B) for anyone who is able to fill out a perfect bracket – selecting every tournament game correctly. Mathematicians have calculated that the odds of picking a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. For those not familiar with the word “quintillion”it is not a made up number. Written out, it looks like this: 9,200,000,000,000,000,000… kind of like a line in Donald Trump’s bank account. Think Buffett made a safe offer?

So, how does your bracket look? Did you foresee a number 2 seed, 3 seed, 4 seed, two 5 seeds, and four 6 seeds all going out in the first round? If you picked Northern Iowa, Stephen F. Austin, Arkansas-Little Rock, Middle Tennessee, and Yale to advance in the opening round, then you should call Mr. Buffet immediately.

Here’s a tip for next year: of the last 12 champions, 11 wear blue uniforms. So, now you know the secret. Stick with blue…

…Unless you’re thinking about the presidential election, which is a whole different story…and a topic for another day.

Everyone’s bracket will be reduced to 8 teams by tonight. With it being a little easier (or is it?), who do you say wins it all this year?



One thought on “March Bracket Madness

  1. Lance Rawlings

    Very interesting. So, what you’re telling me is ‘bet on blue if you want to go home with the green!’…?
    Initially, I liked Michigan State. Buffet never looked so safe. However, even more unbelievable than the Spartans going out so fast was the oh-so-sad meltdown by the fine young men of Northern Iowa. Yep, I’m afraid those ‘fine young men’ aged about 10 years this past week.
    At this point, I’m guessing Kansas will advance; but, don’t count out either of the ‘O’ schools in the next round.
    That’s it for now. I need to go figure out ANOTHER way to get a billion dollars…



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