Men of Steel…Not

Will Smith is hurt. Not the Fresh Prince. The Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Will Smith. How he got hurt is the story. After pitching in a spring training game, he was in the locker room, removing his spikes. And, naturally, he tore a ligament in his right knee. Yep, you read that correctly. Seems he was standing on one leg to take off his other shoe, lost his balance and, well, blew out his lateral collateral ligament. He is expected to miss significant time in the regular season.

That got me thinking about the strangest injuries in baseball. Here are a few:

  • Tigers infielder Brandon Inge pulled a muscle in his back while adjusting his son’s pillow
  • Outfielder Marty Cordova burned his face when he fell asleep in a tanning bed
  • Brewers pitcher Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder attempting to tear a phone book in half in a feat of strength
  • Outfielder Glenallen Hill had a nightmare about spiders, and in thrashing around trying to fight the spiders off, crashed through a glass table
  • Pitcher Francisco Liriano tried to surprise his children on Christmas morning by bursting into their room, and broke his arm on the door in the process
  • Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine got food poisoning from airplane food and in the process of vomiting, ended up breaking some ribs
  • Infielder Ian Stewart suffered a bruised nose when his 4-year-old daughter inadvertently head butted him while they were playing
  • Outfielder Jose Cardenal awoke in his hotel room with his eyelids stuck together
  • Dodgers infielder Micah Johnson needed stitches in his hand after cutting himself while trying to remove the pit from an avocado
  • Rickey Henderson suffered frostbite from having an ice pack on too long
  • Chris Brown injured his eyelid from sleeping on it wrong
  • Mike Sims was removed from a game when a moth flew into his ear and got stuck

I’m not making these up.

So, what’s the funniest, oddest, strangest, sports injury you’ve ever heard of? Post it here.

And beware of that airplane food.


One thought on “Men of Steel…Not

  1. lancerawlings

    What a list! And none actually having to do with BASEBALL! Well, the one that comes to mind for me DOES involve playing the game – kind of. It’s when, about six years ago, Angels’ first basemen Kendry Morales hit a bottom of the ninth game winning grand slam against the Seattle Mariners. Game over, right? I mean, jump in the shower and go home. Well, not so fast. Instead of jumping into the shower, Mr. Morales decided he would ‘jump for joy’ in celebration as he scored the winning run. As (bad) luck would have it, he landed wrong and broke his leg. Of course, the celebration came to a screeching halt. Morales missed the rest of that season and all of the following year. Because of this fluke injury, we maybe never saw the full potential of Kendry Morales.



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