Easy Money

Did you see the news story this week about the surprise finding? No, not DeAngelo Russell’s fiasco. It had to do with linebacker, Sean Weatherspoon, who recently signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent, after playing with the Arizona Cardinals last season. Seems he was moving out of his Phoenix apartment this week, and during the move, his fiancee found an old game check that had not been cashed. The check was from last September and was for more than $138,000. Yup. Just sitting in a dresser.

This brought back to mind a story from the early 1980’s when then Oakland A’s outfielder, Rickey Henderson, had received a $1 million bonus check from the A’s. But rather than cash the check, Rickey framed it and hung it on a wall in his home. The A’s were balancing their books at the end of the season and noticed their account was a million dollars off. So, they called Rickey and learned why.

I hate that when I forget to cash my 6 and 7 figure checks!






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