Story Book Beginning

Baseball season began this week. Every year, when the season begins, it seems to bring with it a newness. Everything is new. The blue sky, the green grass, the fact that your team has a chance this year, even if they lost 103 games last year.

Hope springs eternal.

The season has already started with a bang…literally. At least for a rookie shortstop. Colorado’s Trevor Story became the first player ever to hit two home runs in his first MLB game, then homered in the next two games, becoming the only player in history to do that. Talk about a debut.


The Rockies’ rookie wasn’t the only one to have a record-setting start. Starlin Castro became the first Yankee ever to collect 7 RBI in his first two games in pinstripes. Ruth never did it, nor Gehrig, nor DiMaggio, nor Mantle – no one. In fact, the previous record of 6 was set by none other than Todd Greene, who then totaled 5 more RBI in the next 33 games.

Then there were the San Diego Padres. They became the only team ever to be shutout in their first three games of the season, courtesy of the Dodgers, who came to San Diego with no less than 10 players on the disabled list.

An empty plate in San Diego. Castro makes a splash in New York. And a new Story is introduced in the Rockies. Sounds like the news of the week. Actually, it Trumps the news of the of the week.

Oh yeah, and George Springer hit a big grand slam to kick-start this year’s World Series favorite, the Houston Astros.

Proving that Spring(er) hopes eternal, too.




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