Strong Week

Is this the best sports week of the year? It started with Opening Day of the baseball season and concludes tomorrow with the donning of the green jacket at the Masters. In between, the NCAA basketball champions were crowned on Monday night, NBA and NHL teams pushed for the final playoff spots, your favorite college football team moved through spring practice, and some key free agents switched teams in the NFL. It’s a convergence like no other time of the year… a veritable sports buffet.

What is your favorite time of the year as a fan? Super Sunday. College football’s bowl season? Daytona 500?


What is the most wonderful time of the sports year for you and why?


2 thoughts on “Strong Week

  1. Jay

    Loved reading your stuff. I am Interested in what your thoughts are on the single greatest shooting performance in professional basketball.

    – Joe Fulks 63 in 27 field goal attempts/before the shot clock
    – Wilts 100 in a 147-169 pt. game
    – Kobe’s modern 81

    Possibly another?

    Would love to read an article dissecting which was the most impressive considering the circumstances of that time. Cheers!


    1. Steve Riach Post author

      Great question, Jay. Different eras, different rules all make the comparison difficult. However, as amazing as 100 points in a game is, I would not say Wilt’s was the greatest shooting performance. He went 36 of 63 from the field that night (57%), and was being defended by no one taller than 6’9″. Joe Fulks was a transformational player – he was one of the first jump shooters in the game. He went 27 for 56 that night (48%), but did not have the shot clock to speed up the game, nor the 3-point line. For truly great shooting performances, David Robinson was 26 of 41 (63%) when he scored 71 points. Elgin Baylor’s 71 point game, and David Thompson’s 73 point game are also up there among the best shooting performances. (As a side note, current fans and media members forget how truly great Baylor was. He was Dr. J before his time.) And MJ shot 62% on his way to 69 points. That brings us to Kobe. His 81 points came on 28 of 46 from the field (61%), including 7 of 13 on 3’s. He had 55 in the second half. Like him or not, I’d have to say that his is the single greatest NBA combined shooting and scoring performance.



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