All Wound Up

Check out this video ESPN has posted on some of the most unusual pitching styles in modern Major League Baseball.

The clip shows some of the most unusual of today, along with a few memorable delivery styles from the past five decades. I remember vividly, as a kid, watching Juan Marichal’s super high leg kick, and Luis Tiant’s…well, whatever you want to call all that he did. But I’ve never seen anything quite like Carter Capps. Check out his jump-step on the video, and his ball placement in the image below.


Feel free to insert your own caption.

It seems to work for Capps. And for others. Perhaps the unorthodox delivery is part of their success. The deception, distraction, and unusual timing all can throw a hitter off, and make it difficult to find the ball upon release.

Which pitcher’s delivery is most memorable to you?



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