Kneed You Back Soon

Steph Curry’s sprained MCL is just about the worst thing that could’ve happened for the NBA right now. Curry and the Warriors are the main reason people are tuning in this season. People want to see if Steph and the boys can complete the the end to end journey from title to title, with 73 regular season wins sandwiched in between.


The team says Steph will out 2 weeks, minimum. When I saw Steph slip and fall, I winced, knowingly. I experienced a near exact fall 4 months ago while skiing. Same type of split. Same contortion of the right knee. Same injury. Sprained MCL. It took me a good month before I could run; two to do so without pain. Granted, I’m twice Steph’s age, so he will heal faster. Hopefully a lot faster. I’m hoping it’ll be fast enough for him to get back in time for the Warriors second championship.

Why, you might ask?

Well, he makes the game fun to watch. The childlike joy is similar to what we all experience playing ball as kids on the blacktop or in the driveway as kids.

More than that, in this era of packaged NBA stars with their sullen attitudes, deftly crafted marketing strategies, and massive egos – the size of which may only be surpassed by their entourages – Steph is an anomaly. A humble kid who doesn’t take himself too seriously, is compassionate, patient and often defers to others. He’s like one of us… except, of course, he regularly drains 35-footers.

Hurry back, Steph.



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