Seeing isn’t necessarily believing…

Have you seen what’s going on in sports these days?  Hard to believe, eh?

Maybe I’m old. (Yeah, I’m old.)  Maybe I’m tired.  (I don’t think so.  Not really.)  I think I’m just fed up.  I just may be done with professional sports.  Sane lives matter.

Terrorists are slaughtering people all around the world lately more often than the MLB has rainouts.  It seems like a toss up as to which of those two events is more important to our society.  Sure, ISIS is killing people; but a rainout throws a billion dollars worth of rotator cuffs completely out of sync – in some cases by +/-20 hours!!!  Can you imagine those potential repercussions?!?!

In between the horrific events of San Bernardino, Orlando and Dallas the NBA nearly made me want to shoot MYSELF.  Call me crazy but, if the most recent NBA Championship Series is knotted at two games apiece, my money is on Draymond Green suiting up ‘business as usual’ for Game 5.  Yes, on some level, I’m telling you I do not completely trust the League. This feeling is not a new one for me.  It goes way back.

Additionally, the league announced its new salary cap.  Can you really tell me there’s a salary cap and, in the same paragraph, inform me that a contract for $100,000,000 (minus 2 or 3 bucks) went to a guy named HASSAN WHITESIDE???  Dozens of equally insane contracts were signed during this feeding frenzy of fat owners.  The straw that broke the Pelican’s back was the one that, due to the retrograde amnesia I’ve suffered since hearing the story…passing out…hitting my head and waking up hours later, is the one about the player who signed a contract that will pay him more next season than ALL KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS IN THE COUNTRY…COMBINED!

Yeah, sane lives matter.  I’m afraid if I continue to be preoccupied with all of this nonsense I WON’T HAVE ONE.



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